Shipping Methods

Order Methods

Shipping Costs

Orders are shipped within Greece by our partner ACS courier. For overweight deliveries, we also offer the option of transportation companies. 

Orders over € 50 are sent for FREE within Greece (vast and/or overweight orders are not included). For orders under € 50, shipping costs are set at € 3.50.
Vast and/or overweight orders can be delivered by: 

i. ACS Courier. In that case, the shipping cost depends on the size and volume.
ii. Transportation Company. In that case the shipping cost is set at €10.

*Payment on delivery is not available for vast and/or overweight orders, as well as for purchases of € 500 or more.


Delivery Date

Delivery time is set as follows:

Within Attica

1-2 days

Land Destinations

1-3 days

Island destinations

1-4 days

Inaccessible Areas

1-5 days

Delivery time relates to business days and shall apply from the moment of sending the order. It is also indicative and may vary depending on the circumstances.

For detailed information on inaccessible areas, please visit the ACS website by clicking on the link below:

Please note that if the order is registered Monday through Friday until 12:00, it will be processed in Attica Logistics by orders of GP Toys and delivered to the courier company on the same day.

Delivery time via Transportation Companies is set at 3-7 days for destinations within Greece. The exact time may vary depending on location. 

Your order will be delivered to the sidewalk of the shipping address. The Company and its partners have no obligation to carry the delivery past the sidewalk, e.g. inside the building.

There may be restrictions for deliveries carried out by Transportation Companies. When for example: 
i. Vehicles are not allowed to pass through or park on the given road 
ii. The road is not accessible by the vehicle e.g. due to narrow street or hazardous pavement 

*In every case, estimated delivery time applies to business days and counts from the moment that the order is shipped from our warehouse. Estimated delivery time is indicative and may vary depending on the circumstances.


Delivery of the order may be delayed in the following cases:


1.Late payment via bank deposit

The order is dispatched once payment has been completed. So we can process your order faster and more efficiently, please provide the order number and your name as the reference for the transaction. For the order to be sent, the payment details need to be identified, an action that is determined by the procedures of the respective bank.

2. In times of peak and unforeseen circumstances

During the holiday periods, and also during unforeseen conditions such as a pandemic, where workload is increasing.

3. Due to unforeseen events, such as extreme weather, strikes and other incidents of force majeure.

4. Delay from Supplier or Product Removal

If there is an unexpected delay or even removal of the product, we will contact you immediately.

5. If we experience any problem with your order and it is not possible to contact you using the contact information you provided when ordering.


Search for Order via ACS

When submitting your order, a message is displayed on the screen about its successful registration. At the same time, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail.

When your order is ready to be shipped and delivered to the courier company, you will receive a new email with the shipment number. To monitor the progress of your order please use the shipping number by clicking here.